Why has this Fund been established?

Both organisations are strongly rooted in the communities where we own properties. We believe that a home is not just a property but it is a vital part of the community in which it is based.  Our residents really value the work of local community groups, particularly during this difficult time.

How much funding is available?

We had jointly made £100k available to support local community groups during the Coronavirus outbreak. Initially the Fund focused on crisis support for community groups. The focus with our remaining funding has now moved to helping community groups sustain themselves so that they can continue to provide valuable support to our residents over the longer term.

What size of grants will be available?

Grants will typically be available from £1k to £5k, although we retain discretion to offer smaller or larger amounts. The key point is to be really clear about the difference the grant will make to your community.

Is other support available?

Although our current focus is on offering grants, we want to build lasting relationships with community groups. We are, therefore, keen to learn about any additional support that groups would find helpful to sustain themselves as we may be able to consider this in the future.

 What types of groups can apply?

Both formal and informal groups can apply. So, for instance, charitable status or audited financial accounts are not essential. A minimum requirement is that the group has a bank account in its name with at least two signatories. Grants are not available to individuals.

Are there any other minimum requirements?

If your activities involve working with children or vulnerable adults we will require confirmation that you have an up-to-date safeguarding policy.

Are there any restrictions on the type of expenditure for which applications can be made?

Applications can be made for capital or revenue expenditure including service delivery and core costs. However, you will need to demonstrate how this expenditure allows you to deliver benefits for our local community.

Can someone else complete the application on behalf of our group?

If you have difficulty applying directly (e.g. due to language barriers), someone else can complete the application on your behalf. The group will need to confirm that they have agreed for this to have happened.

Can groups come together to make a joint application?

Yes. If you decide to do this, please make it clear that this is the case as this may enable us to make a higher award. You also need to make it clear which organisation will be responsible for administering the grant.

What themes (types of work) are the grants intended to support?

We want to support groups alleviating poverty and supporting the health and wellbeing of our local communities. We have so far supported groups delivering themes including food and basic necessities, play/sport, youth activities, cultural diversity, community engagement, community spaces, digital inclusion, mental health support and supporting victims of domestic violence. We will continue to consider these themes in locations we haven’t yet supported.

We are also particularly keen to support groups helping people with disabilities and those focusing on arts/creative projects in any locations we operate. We will support both front line and outreach work.

Whilst we cannot support overtly religious or Political activities, we encourage organisations such as religious establishments which undertake activities to support the whole community.

What locations are grants available to support?

We want to support community groups working in the communities where we operate. We have already awarded grants in many locations. However, we are particularly keen to receive applications in Lockleaze, Southmead and South Gloucestershire.

Are there any timeframes by which grant must be spent?

We are flexible. However, given the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak we would anticipate the grant will be spent relatively quickly.  What is vital is that it is spent to aid community groups’ recovery and sustainability, and to benefit local communities.

Which grant applications will be prioritised?

Grant applications will be prioritised which meet the minimum requirements outlined in this document, align with the identified themes, are in locations where we own significant numbers of properties, make a clear case that our residents will be able to benefit from the services provided and which are sponsored by a staff member, resident or other key local stakeholder.

How will we know if we are successful?

We will reply to every applicant as soon as possible and we aim to let successful applicants know within a week.

How will grants be paid?

If we award you a grant we will be in touch to obtain your bank details. To ensure payments are made as quickly as possible please be ready to demonstrate that your account requires two signatories. A single payment will be made from one organisation on behalf of us both.

Does our group need to do anything else?

It would be great if you were to credit us on social media, your website/newsletter or if you have other ways of recognising donors. We may ask you for a quote as part of our press coverage. Above all we would also like to stay in touch and hear from you how the grant has helped the local community.

If your question is not answered above pleased email us at help@supportingourcommunities.org and we will do our best to help